Sunday, April 5, 2020

My 10 Strategies for Getting Through This Pandemic

1. Get plenty of sleep every night and nap during the day
2. Take vitamins and supplements every morning to build up my immune system
3. Exercise every day, but never to the point of exhaustion
4. Never leave the house except to sit on the stoop or go for a walk in the park, and wear a mask whenever I am outside
5. Respond to every request for help from students and friends in a timely manner
6. Eat lots of comfort food as well as food that builds up my immune system
7 Since there are no sports to provide escape, read great mystery authors on Kindle and watch episodes of compelling series on TV with Liz every evening.
8. Wash my hands 20-40 times a day.
9. Enjoy bourbon, scotch, rum, vodka and wine whenever the spirit moves me
10 Put my heart and soul into providing my students with the best possible on line classes, and do so in a manner that reduces rather than adds to their stress

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