Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Serena Williams is the Best Player in the History Of Women's Tennis And Jason Whitlock is a Jerk

As a former college tennis player who has competed ( though always lost) against male and female professional players, and as the pround parent of a daughter who was once ranked 37th in the country in 16 and under junior tennis, I want to express my OUTRAGE and DISGUST with Jason Whitlock's remarks about Serena Williams

Serena Williams, in my judgment, is the single most talented player in the history of Women's Tennis. She has a great first serve, the best second serve of any woman who has ever played the game, can hit with power and touch from both sides, has a terrific net game and overhead, is incredibly fast and agile and is a relentless competitor. Yes she is thick, but her thickness gives her incredible explosiveness and power, without sacrificing speed.

There is only one other player in the history of the woman's game who had the same combination of power, speed and explosiveness as Serena Williams does and that was Martina Navratilova. And guess what? Martina was also thick!

It is absurd to think that there is a single body type associated with superior athleticism and that slimness necessarily produces excellence. You can have big thighs, a big butt, a big chest-whether you are male or female-- and still move incredibly fast.

And one other thing. I think Serena Williams is beautiful. I think she is HOT! I think she has courage and charisma and talent and beauty and strength and bulldog determination.

She should be embraced as a symbol of Woman's Power, Confidence and Achievement and as a Wonderful Reminder that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!

I love Serena! I love Tennis! I Love History! And I think Jason Whitlock should worry more about his weight than Serena's.

Mark Naison