Friday, November 27, 2009

Schools and the Business Model
A New Notorious Phd Jam

If we ran schools like businesses
Everything would be fine
We'd turn all our classrooms
Into little assembly lines

We'd test our students daily
On spelling history and math
And fire their teachers quickly
If by chance they do not pass

We'll grade our schools too
On an annual basis
And fire all those principals
Whose scores remain in stasis

Cause the American business model
Is the envy of the world
So let's retrench,downsize and outsource
All our failing boys and girls

Education is too important
To leave to those who teach
Let's rationalize and privatize
And assess all within reach

We did that in our businesses
And look at the results
We got AIG, GM,and Lehman Brothers
They all went boom and bust

A hundred twenty bank failures
A trillion in bailout funds
An economy left in shambles
Is this how we want schools to run?