Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I REALLY Want for Christmas


Christmas in my family is a great holiday, and people are really generous, but most of the things I want are things they can't give

Below is the list of things I REALLY want for Christmas. I am not sure I am going to get any of them, but if never hurts to ask

What I REALLY Want for Christmas

1. A New Body, With Joints that Don't Ache

2. Health Care Legislation that Has a Public Option, And Provides Real Competition to the Insurance Companies

3. An Educational Reform Movement That Is Led By Teachers, Not Bankers and Lawyers! What A Concept!

4. The Passage of Medical Marijuana Legislation in All 50 States of the Union, Especially New York!

5. The Immediate Reopening of the Night Centers, After School Centers and Music Programs in the New York Public Schools That Were Shut Down in the Fiscal Crisis of the 70's

6. The Release of All Non-Violent Prisoners from the Nation's Jails and Prisons and Their Enrollment in Schools and Drug Treatment Programs

7. The Immediate Approval of Domestic Partner Benefits for Faculty and Staff at Fordham and All Other Jesuit Universities.

8. The Conversation of Abandoned and Partially Occupied Luxury Buildings in New York and Other Cities into Affordable Housing

9. The Rehiring of Park Recreation Supervisors at All NYC Vest Pocket Parks, Another Position Eliminated in the Fiscal Crisis of the 70's

10. Hiring the Indigo Girls and Parliament Funkadelic to Perform at This Year's Spring Weekend at Fordham

11. An African Music Festival at Yankee Stadium That Brings Together the Best Afican Rappers and Musicians from Africa, Europe, the US and Candada

12. That There Be a DJ at Fordham Graduation and Students March To Their Seats to the Sounds of "Flashlight" and " Thank You Fa Letting Me Be Myself Again":

13. That Fordham Adopt Roosevelt High School Across the Street and Use All Of Its Resources to See That Students There Get a Great Education

14. That the Next Big White House Event Be Catered By Johnson's BBQ

15. That Oprah Do a Feature on PS 140 and "Books in the Hood," Two of the South Bronx' Greatest Institutions, That Are Doing Wonders for the People of That Community

16. That American Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan Be Brought Home Before the End of 1010, and that All My Brothers and Sisters in Uniform Be Out of Harms Way

17. That All My Wonderful Students, Past and Present, and the Equally Wonderful People I Have Met in My Bronx Research, Find Jobs In the Fields They Are Trained For

18. That Americans Realize They Are Part of the Global Community and Act Like They Are Its Members, Not Its Rulers

19. That All My Friends- And People Around the World- Know Love and Peace and Happiness in the Coming Year

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