Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Notorious Phd’s “Achievement Rap” A Tribute to Those Who Invented the Achievement Gap

While some people call “the achievement gap”
Inspired me to write an achievement rap
Exposing the hustlers who rule our nation
Who’ve hijacked the train and left us at the station
They’ve exported our jobs, treated us like fools
Now they are poised to take over our schools
And run them for profit, like they do our jails
So they make up some lies to say that we’ve failed
When the failure is theirs, cause they’ve stolen our wealth
Whatever is good, they’ve reserved for themselves
Now they’re saying that we hold the whole nation back
If we don’t pass the tests their companies fast track
When reality is they’re the ones who need testing
To see in whose pockets school profits are resting
From Murdoch to Klein, from Gates to Rhee
The achievement gap hustle is one big crime spree.

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