Monday, January 2, 2012

What the Obama Administration Must Do To Bring Back Disillusioned Activists

t's time that liberals stop trying to scare disillusioned activists with the prospect of a Republican presidency and start trying to scare the White House and the Democratic leadership into doing something to show they are worthy of activists votes. For starters, they need to

1 Repeal the NDAA with its provisions for preventive detention
2.Close Guantanomo
3. Stop using massive force, with Homeland Security collaboration, to evice peaceful Occupy protesters
4. Fire Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education and replace him with a lifetime educator.
5. Come out in favor of legalizing marijuana and releasing non-violent drug offenders
6. Fire the entire White House economic team, beginning with Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner

If they don't do that, don't be surprised if lots of folks who worked for Obama in
2012 either sit out the election of vote for a Third Party candidate.

Mark Naison
January 2, 2011

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Sr. Cade said...

Great points Prof!

In the midst of reading Tourés' book..."who's afraid of Post-Blackness..." very interesting. Applies to my life even though i am a white boy from minnesota.