Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Teacher's Legacy in an Age of Educational Entrepreneuship

My main legacy will always be the accomplishment of my students, who continue to inspire me with all they do to make the world a better place; but in the last few years, I have become immersed in creating another legacy- documenting the descent of the nation into a Dark Age of Educational Entrepreneurship which is turning teaching into a revolving door profession while imposing upon students ( at least those who can't afford to go to expensive private schools) a stifling regime of Universal Testing. An alliance of testing companies, management consulting firms, on line learning programs, and for profit schools, coupled with non profit organizations like Teach for America and charter schools chains which mimic the salary structure and employment policies of the private sector, supported by leaders of America's largest corporations plus Wall Street investers, now have leaders of both major parties in their vise like grip. I do not pretend that I can stop this political juggernaut, which Big Capital has made it's favorite cause,, but I can place my dissent on the public record, day in and day out, and document the damage it is doing, particularly in working class, immigrant areas like the Bronx whom its innovations purport to help. So you can de-friend me, ignore me, marginalize me, even mock me, but I will not shut up. This is a story that needs to be told so that future generations can learn from it

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