Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter to Maggie Gyllenhaal RE "Won't Back Down"

Just posted this on Maggie Gyllenhaal's Fan Page: I regret to say that you have lost the respect of many people who admired you by not only taking a role in "Won't Back Down" but then defending the movie's message. It pains me a great deal to say this, because I knew your mother when we were both in college and because you spoke at an art auction of the school where my wife Liz is principal, but taking in a role in a film financed by Philip Anchutz and supporting legislation supported by the American Legislative Exchange Council is something that no progressive person I know can understand. Worse yet, your movie has made teachers around the country feel more embattled, more attacked, at a time when teacher morale is the lowest in recorded history. This is a time when people of conscience should be standing with teachers against powerful interests who are trying to privatize our public education. Unfortunately, you have stood with the billionaires against the teachers, while seeming to speak in behalf of parents. The only hope for public education is for parents and teachers to unite as they did in the Chicago Teachers Strike. Supporting parent trigger legislation which pits parents against teachers is exactly the wrong move at this historic moment. Please tell your mother, Naomi, what I just said. And tell her to contact me if she wants to talk

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Unknown said...

I would like it very much if Ms. Gyllenhall and all her hollywood friends would stop making movies that lie to the audience. I just watched White House Down. As a Veteran, I would like to say how absolutely, unbelievably offended I was that you people really think that we (veterans) are the biggest threat to America. FUCK YOU TOO, BITCH!

And by they way, public schools cost annually $40,000/year per student. Tell me how this is even reasonable considering we are basically last place in everything when it comes to education. The common sense in you that everyone is supposed to have should be telling you that you could do sooooooo much better if you could put the money where the best teachers are. I love teachers, but not every teacher. If your students are failing, maybe more money isn't what you need. Maybe the curriculum is retarded, and you're too stupid to see it. You want an example?

Actual question for a 5th grade geography assignment:

What causes Volcanoes?

I swear to God, this is what they said the answer was:



The correct and simplest answer boys and girls is ...the movement of tectonic plates.

If you answered earthquakes, you just look like a stupid retard.

For $40,000 a year I should expect to see my kid winning the national spelling bee and getting his associates degree by the time he's 14, along with a 4.0 in calculus or quantum mechanics.

Why don't they just give that money to the parents of each kid? Privatize the schools NOW. You liberal Hollywood, Progressives don't know shit about shit because you are all making a million a movie (and that's if you're a shitty actor) so you've completely lost touch with actual Americans, which you clearly are not. You live in a world of sun-tans and pool-parties and then have the gull, the F-ing GULL to tell real, hardworking Americans how they should be spending their money. Let me be clear. You do NOT contribute. You are all a deficit to this country and everyone in it. You should be ashamed of the clear bull-shit you keep unashamedly shoveling into the eyes, ears and throats of the WHOLE WORLD.

...I wanna go back to that shit-sandwich "White House Down"... the sad thing is, you are a bunch of cowards who don't have the balls to call the real enemies the enemy because you know that they would cut your stupid heads off with a dull knife. You guys have no clue how trully dedicated to American ideals people in the Military really were. Remember how you said in the movie that the ex-special forces guys were the biggest threat to America? Well, let me be the millionth to try and inform you that These guys would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Ever fire on unarmed American citizens, especially their own brothers in arms. That's what Liberal bitches do, not former Navy Seals, Special Forces or Delta. Liberal Bitches are the ones who you can be sure will piss their pants, cry like babies, and turn traitor at the first opportunity, but you so LOVE to make yourselves look like the hero's in your movies, because, well, it's your movie so I guess you can make it how you want.