Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Teachers are Coming to Washington in April

Teachers and parents don’t be blue ***Its Occupy DOE Number 2 ***Duncan must have hoped we’d disappear ***But we’ve come from all over to bend his ear ***From New York ,Virginia, Cali and Mass ***We're taking no prisoners ***We're marching en masse ***Because testing in every grade ***just won’t cut it ***A young mind needs stirring ***But tests just shut it ***To our nation’s best teachers ***You’ve said “Goodbye M’am” ***You don’t make the grade ***According to VAM ***We'ill rate you, assess you ***And make your job harder ***Your school will be gone ***Replaced by a charter ***But though teachers are stressed out ***They surely won't wilt ***They will fight for their students ***Not succumb to test guilt ***They will stand up for music, ***gym, recess and art ***For novels and poems ***That inspire the heart ***We bring to your doorstep ***A teachers vision ***A pedagogy of love ***To transcend your derision

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