Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why I Am Speaking At Occupy DOE 2.0 in Washington

I am coming to Washington because our public education system is being systematically dismantled by people whose power derives solely from the unprecedented concentration of wealth in a small number of hands. Without the Gates, the Broads, the Waltons, the Bloombergs and the hedge fund executives, the three bulwarks of current Education Reform policy- privatization, universal testing and school closings- would have never gained traction because they are unsupported by research and are abhorred by most educators.. What we are facing is not only the degradation of the teaching profession and the transformation of the nation's classrooms into zones of child abuse, but an attack on what little democracy we have left in this country. Therefore, I am not only coming to Washington defend the integrity of the profession I have dedicated my life to, but to join a movement which is one of the most important fronts of resistance to Plutocratic Rule *******I also come to Washington, as a scholar of African American History, and a long time community activist, to strip the false facade of "Civil Rights" legitimacy from policies which promote increased segregation, push teachers of color out of the profession, open our schools to profiteering by test companies,and promote narrow workforce preparation as a substitute for the creation of active citizens who can change the world. So I will not only be calling out the billionaires and those who are directly on their payroll, but those who call themselves "progressive" who give aid and comfort to those policies, either because of the hope of political gain or a deficit of courage.. ,


Anonymous said...

I hope you intend to include President Obama among those who should be called out, since he and his Secretary of Education intensified the assault on public education, with Race to the Top creating structural incentives for privatization, disenfranchisement and union busting.

El Diablo said...

Prez Obama is a product of elite private schools here and abroad who equates intelligence with height reason most of his cabinet appointees are very tall mostly white men. Dumbcan is an ex Australian League basketball player with a BS in sociology from Harvard who wants a highly educated teacher and administrator in every classroom as long as they have no graduate degree.