Saturday, October 12, 2013

A School Counselor's Lament ( Anonymous)

A person working in the public schools is trying to educate himself on data sharing so he spoke to the person in charge of data. He asked some questions and the data person said, "What's the big deal? We have been sending the data for years. This is nothing new." He then asked why we send it and she replied "to protect kids who move from state to state so their data will follow." He then asked well if data is so easily shared between states, how come schools spend hours trying to get data about a student who moved into their district from a neighboring town. Why is that so difficult? The data person couldn't answer that question. It was clear the new In Bloom system didn't apply to that situation. Which raised an interesting question for the teacher who was trying to educate himself. If the data isn't accessible to the people who actually need it to make their own schools run better, then what is it for?
And then Exxon sends a message to all mobile users, "Exxon supports the common core." IT ALL BECOMES CRYSTAL CLEAR! This data if for corporations and the government, not to help teachers and school personnel do a better job.

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