Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Committee to Restore Childhood- Some Principles

"Nothing Without Joy"

Everywhere we look, self-titled "School Reformers" are driving every ounce of joy and spontaneity out of the childhood years

.*They are evaluating teachers as early as Pre K and Kindergarten on whether their pedagogy contribute to their charges "college and career readiness."

*They are putting so much emphasis on testing in rating schools and teachers that recess is disappearing in schools all over the country
* The are introducing rubrics for rating teachers that result in any sign of idleness or contemplation on the part of their students will result in negative ratings
* They are forcing students as young as the 3rd grade to sit through tests that are 3 times more time consuming than the MCATS and LSATS
* They are putting so much emphasis on testing and spending so much money on tests and assessments that art, music, plays, talent shows, field days and school trips are disappearing from many of our schools.
As a result
Children all over the country are starting to hate school and dread going to class
Large numbers of children suffer from such acute test anxiety that they have to get medical attention.
Health problems are multiplying because many children no longer have the opportunity to get adequate exercise and because they are under constant stress
It is time for Parents, Teachers and Students to Fight Back.
To Help do this, we are creating a "Committee to Restore Childhood that will fight for the following.

* No standardized testing AT ALL before 3rd Grade
* A maximum of 90 minutes TOTAL for all tests
* No use of recess or physical education for testing or test prep
* No rating of schools or teachers on the basis of test scores
* Restoration of art, music, school trips, field days, plays and talent shows to our schools.
*Scrap the CC$$

If you agree with these, begin fighting for these demands in your local school district.