Monday, June 23, 2014

3 Reasons Why the Deal Between Gov Cuomo, the Legislature and NYSUT is Unacceptable

1. There is entirely too much testing in New York State. The fact that 3rd graders have to sit through six days of testing in ELA and Math is unconscionable. That is more testing than people endure to get into Law School, Medical School, Business School and even to pass the Bar. You don't change that you are sanctioning child abuse.
2. The absurd test security provisions regarding testing in New York State remain in place. What use is a test if teachers, students and parents don't get the tests back? Tests that are never returned to those who take them serve no educational purpose whatsoever. They represent a government subsidy to test companies and a sword to hold over the head of teachers, administrators schools and school district.
3, Nothing has been done to stop field testing in the public schools of New York State which use the unpaid labor of students to subsidize a private company- Pearson.
This cynical deal leaves students and families in the state unprotected from test abuse. It must be exposed and challenged in every available forum