Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Would You Want Andrew Cuomo To Be Your Child's Teacher?

He is mean, vindictive,cynical, cruel, and prefers intimidation and bribery to argument and persuasion.

 If you don't want him as a teacher, do you want him to control who becomes a teacher and how they teach? That is the power he plans to take, unless he is stopped by the citizens of New York State:

By Increasing the role of testing in teacher evaluations
By taking away power from principals to evaluate their own teachers
By requiring termination of teachers based on criteria that defy common sense
By turning over control of troubled schools to hand picked organizations without public oversight
By nullifying the power of school districts to control how teachers are selected, trained, promoted and terminated

If  you find it frightening to think of teaching and learning in New York State under Andrew Cuomo's dicatorial control,  it is time to resist, and even better yet revolt.

Refuse the tests on which Cuomo's entire Reform apparatus rests. Starve the data beast.