Saturday, November 21, 2015

Computerized Learning ; A Great Strategy for Undermining Resistance in the "21st Century Labor Force"

As School Reformers unveil their new strategy for public education, which involves having children sitting in front of computer terminals all day, where their progress in various subjects can be monitored on line in daily assessments, I ask myself this question:
Is any elite private school in the country switching to this model?
The answer to this question, of course is no. Those schools continue to have small classes, much direct interaction between student and teachers, students and students, as well as a great many opportunities for group activities
Then I ask myself, why are students in public schools, most of whom are working class, middle class or poor, being forced fed individualized computer driven instruction with little opportunity for interaction and discussion, while wealthy students get the opposite?
 The answer seems clear;Our elites want a compliant, atomized labor force that has little experience with any form of discussion that might lead to resistance.
Lets be blunt, children brought up separated from one another in school, almost entirely free of opportunities to influence one another's opinions, or develop bonds with one another in the classroom, will find it very difficult to bond with their fellow workers, even when their work conditions are stressful and humiliating and their wages extremely low
And given their future prospects for employment in an economy in which 7 out of 10 new jobs will be at or above minimum wage- that makes sense as an education strategy-- FOR OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN