Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Presidential Prediction That May Upset Many People

I am going to make a prediction that may upset many people, but since it may force people to think outside the box, here goes
If the Republicans confirm President Obama's Supreme Court nominee during the remainder of his term in office, the Republican candidate, probably Donald Trump, will be elected president
If the Republicans obstruct his nominee, Hillary Clinton will be elected President because independent voters and those who will regard Republican obstructionism as a sign of disrespect for the President will mobilize to assure her election even though she is not their preferred candidate.
If you think this is far fetched, please consider this- Because of my teaching philosophy and approach to social media, I have friends and former students all over the country from every point of the political spectrum, who i encourage to express their viewpoints freely. Plus I talk to everyone I meet about politics- neighbors,repair people, people I meet playing tennis and golf, people I run into in stores or when travelling. Because if this, I have a pretty good sense of the mood of the country; As a a result
I predicted both Obama elections
I was telling all my friends as early as New Year's that Donald Trump was likely to be the Republican nonminee even though they all thought I was crazy
So here it is. If Obama's Supreme Court nominee is confimed, Donald Trump will be President. If his nominee blocked, it will be Hillary Clinton
Personally, I am a Bernie Sanders Supporter, but first, I think he will be denied the nomination, and second, if he is nominated, Michael Bloomberg will come in as a 3rd Party candidate.
So that my prediction. I am ready to take side bets on this with those who disagree to supplement my retirement income