Friday, April 8, 2016

What "Test Security" Hides: Message From a Teacher on Product placement in the 7th Grade ELA Test

FYI, yesterdays 7th Grade test had reading passages with the following product placement: Riddell, the helmet manufacturer, Skittles, Stonyfield yogurt, and Doritos. Today, the last two reading passages were about children who did not have mothers or fathers because of death or seperation. Very appropriate - NOT. Lastly the final essay asked to compare the last two stories, mentioning the story teller in the first story by name. Only problem is that since he was the narrator of the story, his name never appeared in the reading selection, only in the intro. Kids were confused

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Noah said...

If we think it's difficult for kids to concentrate on these exams already, think about those kids who may have lost a mother or father trying to answer essay questions about losing a mother or father. The folks who develop these tests are complete morons.