Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nativism, Racism and the Trump Candidacy

Although I am fiercely opposed to Donald Trump's immigration policies, I do not think he is an American version of a fascist dictator. Rather, I see him as the latest version of a long line of Nativist politicians, going back to the 1830's, who have used fears of immigrants and outsiders to advance their political careers. Their targets over the years have varied, starting with Irish Catholics in the early 19th Century, moving on to Asians, Italians, Jews and Eastern Europeans. In almost every instance, their words have coincided with acts of violence against targeted groups, ranging from burning of churches and convents, to expulsion of entire communities from towns and cities ( directed against Chinese residents the American West in late 19th Century) to the revival of the Ku Klux Klan as an anti-immigrant group after WWI. This is my concern about Mr. Trump's rhetoric. It has the potential to turn large groups of Americans against one another, leading to violent conflicts at public events, pitting neighbor against neighbor. This is not something new to American history It has happened before, many times. It left scars, some recent, some more ancient, on almost everyone living in the Brooklyn neighborhood I grew up in, where the vast majority of the people were Jewish, Italian, Irish and Black. I do not wish to see these wounds open again.
I am hoping against hope that when Mr Trump becomes the Republican presidential candidate, he will de-emphasize racially and religiously targeted attacks on immigrants. If he doesn't. we are about to head down a very dangerous road, one which we have traveled before, always with the most painful consequences..


Oh My Gawd said...

Without being accusatory, you are unread as to what is in Islam and its 1400 years of claims that it will be the dominant ideology for all the world (its caliphate* is totalitarianism).

It is not a religion, though it has plenty of religiosity. It is political ideology of male supremacists* hellbent on apartheid* and totalitarianism*; this is fact, it is in their doctrine. Mohamd canceled out all his peace verses* before going to Medina* (hijrah, jihad invasion*) to convert by force and slaughter.* It worked and has worked for 1400 years.

Moslems immigrating to the US now are very different than past immigrants because there is no assimilation allowed to them, it is forbidden in their dogma. Assimilation is a blasphemy offense* and therefore a beheading offense*, so saith mohamd who stipulated no reform ever (reform is blasphemy too)*. I suggest reading the Islamic text, The Reliance of the Traveler*, which delineates Sharia law to understand it is incompatible with our Constitution (just on free speech and equal rights alone). Yet of the 3.3 million moslems in the US today, 450,000 say that Sharia should be instituted here*. That is a lot of jihadis.

When I use the word jihadi, I use it in the moslem directive. Jihad is one of their 7 pillars* of which all moslems must comply. Jihad is to be accomplished by the sword, the pen (now media) or money*, and most moslems give their zakat/money not knowing it gets laundered to terrorist groups* such as the Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR* which is here to wage legal and cultural jihad* (the Holy Land Foundation Trial*). Jihad is done to establish Islam and Sharia as the law of any land*.

That Trump proposes there be a Moratorium is not racist (it's such a bad and unexacting word since moslems are of all races). Lack of a moratorium can be dangerous for citizens. It is practical in the best sense of knowing who is here and why. Ellis Island was used to keep down the diseases that had become rampant in NYC (typhus, TB, etc)*. Any ship's captain who brought in a sick migrant had to take that migrant back to port of origin.* We do need to take time for a screening process and that is not racist. We also need to know that people will take allegiance to the US, though for moslems the doctrine of taqiyya* and muruna*, lying to further Islam, is obligatory*, and makes it hard to distinguish who would be a faithful citizen. I see nothing wrong or nativistic in that. I see it as safety first.

A screening process is not Nativism nor Racism. It is Common Sense and Protection for all citizens.

*Any of what I have written can be googled for supportive evidence.

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