Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Many Young Whites Identify with the "Black Lives Matter" Movement

Recently, I was at a wedding of two New York City public school guidance counselors, whose friendship circle was totally multiracial and where the dance floor featured Blacks and Latinos doing the hora (a traditional Jewish dance ) as if they were born Jewish and whites getting down to hip hop and funk with athleticism and flair
Now before you accuse me becoming a Kumbaya singing liberal trying to distrct from our very serious divisions and injustices let me say this. What Isaw last night helps explains why when Black people feel embattled or attacked, it reverberates throughout the society in ways that are difficult to ignore. More and more whites are parts of families and friendship networks that are multiracial and when their Black or Latino friends or relatives hurt, they empathize with the pain and take it personally.
These new forms of sociability, which I see among my own students, change the nature of the national conversation about race to one where whites do NOT speak in a single voice, and where many whites, especially those under 40, feel a powerful identification with demands for new policies emanating from the Black and Latino communities.
It also explains why there are many whites who identify with the slogan‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and participate in protests organized under that banner

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Wise Bassline said...

Inter-relations between races is kinda like drug problems or rotten only seems to get noticed when it reaches suburban, gentrified or university locations.