Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Message to Trump Supporters in Multiracial Families from Dr Brian Purnell

Here's something that does not add up: how can the person from a multiracial family who has a desire to pull the lever for Trump for whatever reason - to keep Clinton out; to improve the American economy; to bolster America's military reputation - have that political desire supersede their concern for their family members who feel threatened and fearful because of Trump's rhetoric, polices, the culture at his rallies, and the actions and violent statements of many of his supporters?
If you are my family member, and you still vote for this guy after I tell you that he makes me afraid and makes my children feel threatened, then you are saying your support for Trump is more important than my and my children's safety and security.
You are saying you don't really love me that much, and that not only hurts - it is pretty damned messed up.
Trump made his campaign a personal attack against so many people. He took identity politics to a more extreme and mainstream direction than any other political entity in recent memory. It is not a matter of differences of opinion over policy that divides people on Trump. It is not a matter of division like say, a war might have on a family, where some members support it and some are against it and everyone can debate the policy but still be a family.