Thursday, September 28, 2017

You Can't Run A Country Just with "Angry White People"

Angry White People were the core group that drove Donald Trump's march to the Presidency and remain his most loyal constituency. They are the people who hail his travel ban, who support his attacks on kneeling NFL players, who echo his disparaging remarks about Puerto Rico, who want him to "Build A Wall" to keep out Mexican and Central American immigrants,
Their anger was enough to elect Donald Trump and may keep him in the White House for 8 years
However, we live in a multiracial society becoming more multiracial everyday, There is no major institution I know of in this country that can run effectively using only the labor and skill of Angry White People and that includes
Our Military
Our Schools
Our Law Enforcement Agencies
Our Farms.
Our Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Our Factories
Our transportation system including our buses, trucks, subways and taxis
The people building and maintaining our infrastructure
The NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer
and Big Time College Sports..
If you got rid of all the people Angry White People are mad at- Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Undocumented Immigrants, many of these institutions would grind to a halt
The only major institution I know of that would not skip a beat if everyone but Angry White People left would be NASCAR. And you don't have to worry about anyone "Taking a Knee" there
The rest of the country would be crippled by racial and political conflict if people spoke and acted like Donald at their workplace.
That's where we may be heading if this keeps up....

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