Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What I Would Do If I Were President

1. Try to create thousands of community schools modeled on PS 55 in the Bronx with in school health clinics, indoor and outdoor agriculture programs, and great arts and sports programs
2. Produce tweets and press releases every day that say "Climate Change is Real" and invest in solar and wind power on a massive scale
3. Make it a National Mission to rebuild Puerto Rico and every other part of the country devastated by recent storms
4. Make healthy eating a National Priority and use the Presidency as a "Bully Pulpit" to discourage meat consumption and urge people to reduce reliance on fast food.
5. Make immigrants of every race and nationality feel at home in the US, halt deportations of children, and refuse to deport heads of households unless they are found guilty of violent crimes in a court of law
6. Rebuild highways, bridges, subways and rail lines and invest in all forms of transportation which reduce reliance on private automobiles.
I will never be President, but I wanted to put these ideas out there as someone may choose to run with them..

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