Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Proud to Be a New Yorker

As I woke up this morning, at a time when New York is experiencing the worst tragedy of the 21st Century, I want to express my gratitude to all the people risking their lives and safety to get us through this crisis; our doctors, nurses, and lab technicians; our EMT's and ambulance drivers, our police officers and fire fighters; our MTA workers who keep the buses and subways running, our teachers and principals who provide an educational lifeline to 1.1 million children; our grocery pharmacy and restaurant workers, truck drivers delivering food and supplies to homes,stores and hospitals; those running shelters and food banks; custodians and building service workers in apartment houses, office buildings, schools and universities. While the rest of us quarantine ourselves and shelter in place, they make sure the sick and dying are cared for and vital services continue.
As the majority of New Yorkers stay home to flatten the curve, we cannot forget those who go to work every day at great risk to themselves.
They represent the unconquerable spirit of this great city, a spirit which we saw after 9/11 and which we are seeing now. Because of them, because of all of us, New York will be back.
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