Monday, October 26, 2009

My Thoughts on Educational "Reform"

My Thoughts on Educational Reform

Speaking in behalf of "students," especially students of color, a whole generation of self described educational reformers have systematically undermined the teaching profession and made graduation rates and performace on standardized tests the sole measure of value for what goes on in classrooms

Has this educational revolution, now in progress for more than ten years, contributed to greater economic and social equality in the United States?

The statistics show otherwise. The wealth gap in the nation, and in New York City, has continued to grow despite the imposition of a test centered
approcah to public education.

Trying to achieve social equality through education, when tax policies, health care politicies, and investment policies move in the opposite direction, will prove, in the long run, to be a Fool's Errand

It not only can't work economically,, it could very easily put students from poor and working class families at a disadvantage by forcing creativity and critical thinking skills out of the classroom in favor of skills that can be easily measured on standardized tests

From the administrative standpoint, it all makes sense- let's look for results that can be easily measured

From the teachers standpoint, it looks like a conspiracy to take creativity and agency out of their profession.and create a new class of administrators who view teachers as pieces on a chessboard.

Dr Mark Naison
Fordham University
October 26, 2009

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