Sunday, October 11, 2009

"The Rat That Got Away" A Notorious Phd Jam in Honor of Allen Jones' Memoir

“The Rat That Got Away”

A Notorious Phd Jam in Honor of the Publication of Allen Jones' Memoir

They call him The Rat that Got Away
From the Bronx to Europe he made his way
His game is wicked and his style is clean
He’s a coach and a banker with a gangster lean

In the Patterson Houses Jones grew up
Where girls were fly and boys were tough
His parents were strong and his coaches proud
But the call of the streets just proved too loud

So he got him some threads and sold some dope
He was clocking dollars but killing hope
His player style won the king his crown
But the streets that made him soon took him down

So he went to Rikers locked in a cell
Reviewing his crimes in his own private hell
But his mother cried out “God save my son!”
And a judge intervened and God’s will was done

When he got out of jail he went back to the hood
What he once used for bad he converted to good
He polished his game and went to school
From Cornwall to Roanoke he kept his cool

Next stop was Europe where success was found
From pro ball to banking his life turned around
But he never forgot his street smarts and heart
Or the Patterson Projects where he got his start

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