Saturday, February 18, 2012

On the “Low IQ’s” of Working Class Americans- A Response to Charles Murray and His Defenders

Author Charles Murray has recently published a book which claims that a large section of the white population in the US is pulling the country down because they have poor work habits, don’t marry, and are indifferent to schools, all reflecting the emergence of demographic pockets where people of low intelligence congregate. Funny thing, no body complained of the Low IQ’s of working class Americans when they mined coal, harvested wheat, made steel, worked the docks, picked cotton, sewed hats and coats and dresses, assembled cars and planes and boats at breakneck speed, and risk their lives in slaughterhouses so that meat could be an integral part of the American diet. The grand parents and great grand parents of America’s poor, Black and White and Latino, supplied the labor that made the United States the world’s greatest industrial power and now that you’ve closed most of the factories or moved their operations abroad you complain that their descendents are holding America back because of their lack of intelligence and questionable moral standards. We have tens of millions of people in this country who have been used and discarded by those who control big corporations and now scholars like Charles Murray say THEY are holding the nation back. What has held this nation back is leaders of this nation who have sold out America’s working people to enrich themselves, And more and more working class Americans are smart enough to recognize this..

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