Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Child Development is No Longer Discussed by Those in Charge of Education Policy

Child development is not "in vogue" any more because poor and working class young people- the subjects of the most aggressive school reform efforts- are not really regarded as children! If they were, they would not be treated so abusively and contemptuously! They would be given a chance to play, to explore, to learn and grow at their own pace, not forced to sit still most of the school day and prepare for tests. But since they are regarded as future criminals or recruits for the nation' s low wage work force, they must be disciplined, regimented and whipped into shape! The elite would never treat their own children this way in the private schools they send them to.This is not only a shame , it is a crime against the majority of the nation's children. Those who are complicit with this have a lot to answer for. To quote Bob Dylan , from Masters of War, "Even Jesus would never forgive what you do"



deborah keisch said...

Well said. We just released a show where Nancy Carlsson-Paige speaks eloquently about this very situation:


Mark Naison said...

Thanks for the link!