Monday, March 19, 2012

School Reform and Its Amazing Accomplishments

These are great days in public education in the United States. Thanks to collaboration between the public and private sector, we have introduced competition to what was stagnant dimension of the public sector, providing under-served communities with new resources, giving parents new choices through charters schools and vouchers, weeding out incompetent teachers and creating room for brilliant young teachers through programs like Teach for America, and creating a new regime of accountability for students and teachers through the Common Core Standards and value added Teacher Ratings. As a result of these reforms, education in the United States is on the recovery path and we should see all of the following taking place in our great country!

1. A sharp decline in the test score gaps between children in different racial and economic groups.

2. A rapid improvement in America's global standing on standardized tests

3. A steady rise in the employment rate in working class communities of color and a corresponding decline in the prison population

All you have to do is look around you and observe how these three wonderful outcomes are coming to pass, right?

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Diane said...

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