Monday, March 5, 2012

What a REAL Civil Rights Movement Would Look Like

Those who say that "School Reform is the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century" should ponder this: That unionizing Wal-Mart, K Mart, Target and Auto Zone, along with lower paid workers in the financial services industry, would do more to improve education in low performing districts than all their reforms put together since family income, not quality of teaching, is the single most determinant of educational achievement. Lift people out of poverty and schools will rise too, especially if we give students a curriculum that honors their history and culture and encourages them to work to improve conditions in the neighborhoods where they live . All the available evidence supports this conclusion, if those who promote data driven instruction, would actually take real data seriously


Christina Stopka Rinnert said...

Boy, did you hit the nail on the head with this one.

igranderojo said...
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igranderojo said...

Growing Gaps Bring Focus on Poverty's Role in Schooling : socioeconomic status biggest predictor achievement........see