Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The False Salary Issue in the Chicago Teachers Strike

Nothing irritates me more than seeing media pundits try to rally the public against the Chicago Teachers Strike by focusing on their $70,000 a year average salaries. The same strategy was used by corporation executives and their media supporters against unionized industrial workers in the 1980's and 1990's in order to soften them up for outsourcing, layoffs, and dual wage structures. The result then was a huge shrinkage in the percentage of industrial workers making a living wage. and freezing of wages in the service sector. The attack on teachers will have the same result, this time with government workers. And when that transition is completed, the MAJORITY of working Americans will be living below, or barely above the poverty line. You think that is something to look forward to, by all means support Rahm Emmanuel and those seeking to " cut teachers down to size. You want to protect what is left of a working America that has a decent standard of living, then stand with Chicago's teachers, who are standing up for YOU!

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Unknown said...

I wrote about this very thing today. Great minds.