Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In NY Today, Largest Act of "Test Refusal" In American History

I am so proud of the thousands of parents and children who sometimes alone and under duress, sometimes with the support of teachers and administrators, decided to Opt Out of testing in New York State today. This has resulted in the largest collective act of "Test Refusal" in the history of this nation, and it is only the beginning of what will become a huge national movement. New Yorkers are proud, they are smart, and they are tough. Anyone who thinks that the parents of this state are going to stand idly by while state officials wearing ideological blinders or driven by expectations of profit fill schools with tests which bore their children, stifle their creativity, and in the worse instance, reduce them to tears, better wake up and smell the cappuchino. "Something's happening here," to quote Buffalo Springfield, but this time it's perfectly clear. Parents in this state are going to take back our public schools and make them places where children are respected, nurtured, allowed to play and allowed to dream!

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Unknown said...

I am heartened by your words: I hope that you are right about where it's going. There have been other apparently huge waves of protest (I'm thinking, among others, of the ones preceding the invasion of Iraq 10 years ago) that failed to change the course of government action. But this is perhaps different? because the actions are being taken by people immediately involved, insisting on their rights to make the right choice. May we continue to support and join them!