Monday, April 8, 2013

It is Because Of Emails Like This That I Fight Testing Policies Which Have Become Child Abuse

I just got this from one of the Bronx's most important community leaders, Tanya Fields. can anyone help her with this situation. Let me know and I will connect you!

I am BURNING up. I truly resent having to spend two hours each day to prepare my children for a standardized exam that means jack shit (yes there is no other term befitting) except to continue to exclude and weed out children. I resent having to drill my kids to take an exam that I KNOW is worthless and I don't believe in, an exam that I have explained to their little stressed out souls carries no educational, moral or cognitive weight. An exam however, that I have been told, that if they do not perform "proficiently" on they will then be retained because of. WTF!!! Are you serious? My child's grades, social acumen, performance and all around progress mean nothing? If they do not perform proficiently on the state exams they will be retained, right there in B&W. Hmph, tomorrow I am going to turn this school out... retention my ass. I will home school my children before I deal with this madness...

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Lisa Nielsen said...

Testing leads many families to homeschooling. Here is a group that can help those who do get started