Saturday, June 29, 2013

Message To Badass Teachers After Two Weeks Of Organizing

Message to Badass Teachers

Good morning. There is no one I would rather hang with than the people on this site- a group of some the best teachers-and the best people- this country has to offer. As most of your know, being a teacher is not for the faint hearted, To command the attention and respect of young people, to inspire them, awake them, and build their confidence and character, you have to be Badass--- funny, creative, brave, passionate, sly, inventive, and flexible, a combination of an actor,a scholar, a healer, and a prophet. You are all of those and your brilliance makes this site come alive every day, the same way it does your classrooms. In trying to beat you down and force you to conform to a script, this country is ripping out it's heart and soul and doing a terrible disservice to its young people. I will not let that happen without putting on the fight of the Century and neither will you. No Justice, No Peace.

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