Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reptiles and the Common Core

When I was growing up, I was obsessed with reptiles. I loved the reptile house in the Bronx and Staten Island zoos and whenever I went to the country, I collected snakes! I used to keep a collection of garter snakes and grass snakes in our bungalow in the Adirondacks and even caught a water snake or two. And i did school reports on reptiles, especially pythons, cobras and anacondas! What would they do with me if I were in school now. Where do reptiles fit in the Common Core? How do you test children on their knowledge of reticulated pythons? Once again, I think back about the child I was, whose imagination was allowed to soar in the public schools I attended, even though there was much regimentation and memorization, because of time given for recess, trips and school projects. In or rush to make children "college and career ready" are we squeezing out the very things in them that inspire them with a lifetime love of learning.

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Anonymous said...

It's no longer about learning, it's all about training, and the high stakes tests are a primary vehicle for that training.

The tests are the curriculum, in that they condition the kids for obedience, passivity, and to see their education in the same narrow cast as the future life/employment prospects they face, prospects based on tedium, debt, authoritarianism, perpetual electronic surveillance and fear.

All of those miserable prospects are expressed in the test-based regime they have put in place in the schools.