Monday, August 26, 2013

What BAT Love

By now, everyone involved in this group, as well as those on the receiving end of its actions, know what this group is against- Excessive testing; school closings and teacher ratings based on student test scores; a one size fits all National Curriculum; using Teach for America to replace fired experienced teachers- but those people might ask, what are BATS for

Without speaking in an official capacity, let me try to answer that question

BATS are for arts and music in every classroom and every school
BATS are for recess, physical education, and time for play
BATS are for well staffed school libraries 
BATS are for trained counselors in every school
BATS are for first rate technical and vocational schools and programs.
BATS are for portfolio schools that get exemptions from state tests
BATS are for schools in high needs communities that function as 24 hour community centers
BATS are for culturally relevant pedagogy in communities where parents and students want that
BATS are for school farms and agriculture programs, in cities as well as rural areas
BATS are for teacher, parent and student input into school policies
BATS are for highly trained teachers who have the right to union representation
BATS are for slashing test budgets and using them to fund the innovations listed above

BATS are for creativity, spontaneity and joy, as central parts of the school experience

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