Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why You Should Join the BATS- A Recruiting Pitch

Fed up with testing? With invasive assessments that undermine your professional integrity? With professional development workshops where trainers spout jargon rather than give useful advice about how to help your students? With people who have never spent a day in the classroom shaping education policy and excluding your voice?

Then you might consider joining an organization where teachers who say “enough is enough” band together and support one another.

It’s called “The Badass Teachers Association, ” aka the BATS, and it is designed to bring together teachers across the country determined to take back their profession and make sure their voice is heard by those in power.

It is also the fastest growing teachers organization in the country, with nearly 26,000 teachers on its Facebook page, and with BAT organizations active in every state.

If you join us, you can take part in actions ranging from mass emails and tweets to marches and demonstrations, aimed at the elected and self- appointed leaders who are destroying our public schools and driving the best teachers out of the profession.

And if you agree with our basic principles- opposition to excessive testing; to test based teacher evaluations, to forced imposition of the Common Core Standards, to using Teach for America as replacement labor for veteran teachers—you don’t have to meet a political litmus test

We are a non- partisan/ multi-partisan organization. You can be a Republican, a Democrat, an independent, a conservative, a liberal, a leftist or none of the above, - so long as you are willing to fight for the rights of teachers, not only in your school or your district but all across the nation- you are welcome in BATS.

And you can have fun too. The BAT name, and the innovative ways we have of getting it across- check out our great tee shirts- is capturing the attention of teachers around the country and is making those setting education policy very nervous.

The last thing the Ed Deformers want is a group of teachers who can’t be bought, can’t be intimidated, and are organized to fight.

That is who we are. Join us.

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