Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Summary of My Remarks to Regents Chair Tisch at Common Core Forum in the Bronx

What I will say to Regents Chair Tisch after describing the fear and humiliation and demoralization among students and teachers in Bronx schools that have been inspired by testing, test based evaluation of schools and teachers, school closings, and now the imposition of Common Core aligned tests scored artificially low by the New York State Education Department, thereby designating over 70 percent of the children in the state as “failures.”.

"Dr Tisch. You have prescribed a regimen of cruel and unusual punishment for the children of this state-other wise known as the Common Core Standards- to prepare them for a life of service to a nation fearful it will not meet the challenge of Global Economic Competitiveness. And what prepares you to lead this crusade. Are you a renowned and esteemed education scholar? No. You have not written a single book or published a major article on education policy. Do you have long experience teaching in the public schools of his state? No. You have never been a public  school teacher. Did you even attend public school or send your own children to public schools? No. You attended private school and send your children to private schools. So what qualifies you  to be Chair of the New York State Board of Regents at this critical moment in the history of public education? Only the possession of great wealth and the arrogance of someone accustomed to getting their own way. These traits, which catapulted you to leadership, will be your undoing. You have already triggered the largest parent test revolt in the history of New York State. That revolt will spread to teachers and students , and, more quickly than you can imagine,  will not only sweep away Common Core, but much of the uncontrolled testing that has deformed public education in New York State.

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