Sunday, December 29, 2013

What BATS Do

Last night, somebody asked me what BATS do. Here is what I answered - with a few additions

1. Working to elect people to school boards, union offices, city councils and legislatures who stand strong for public education and rolling back testing.

2. Testifying at all of the institutions represented above when they hold public forums.

3.  Supporting ballot initiatives and petition drives which work toward rolling back testing and the implementation of Common Core, and protecting teachers pensions and collective bargaining rights.

4  Organizing marches, rallies, and when appropriate civil disobedience to defend teachers, students and public education.

5. Standing strong in behalf of Special Needs and ELL students and supporting communities fighting against schools closings and forced imposition of charter schools

6 Supporting the Opt out movement and protests against Common Core.

And Last but not least organizing a Teachers March on Washington which will also be a Festival and a Celebration of Teacher Creativity!!

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