Thursday, November 20, 2014

Attacks on Test Refusers- Rising Tuition at Public Colleges- The Dual Face of our Education Crisis

Two things few people connect show the depth of the crisis we face-

1. The systematic attempt, across the nation, to deny parents the right of Test Refusal or Opting Out, saying that one of the requirements of enrollment in public schools is taking all tests those schools give and having the data put in a national data base, The number of states doing this simultaneously cannot be accidental. It reminds me very much of the eviction of the Occupy Protests within weeks of one another, something else which was coordinated nationally.  It also been accompanied by instructions to teachers to NOT discuss the politics of testing with parents.

2. The rise in tuition at public colleges, especially in flagship state universities, putting them beyond the reach of most middle class families in a time of income stagnation and decline. This is happening in California, Wisconsin, many other places,

Taken in tandem, this represents an attack on low and moderate income America's, the bulwark of our public schools, denying their rights and opportunities in the sphere of education from pre-K through higher education.
It does not speak well of the kind of country we are becoming

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