Sunday, November 2, 2014

Panels I Would Like to See At Next Summer's BAT Teacher Congress

Aixa Rodriguez asked some of us what panels we would like to see at the BAT Teachers Congress. Here are some ideas

1. Ethnic Studies and Community History- Old and new models for schools districts around the nation, from LA to Arizona to the Bronx..

2. How Charter Schools Promote Gentrification and Demographic Inversion: an examination of relationship between school closings, charter school creation and real estate speculation in cities from DC to NY to Chicago.

3. Teaching and Defending Immigrant Students: How teachers and activists have responded to immigrant students in their classrooms and the political backlash against them in places like Suffolk County NY

4. The War Against Teachers of Color in major Urban School Districts and the Complicity of Teachers Union Leaders in Their Displacement.

I am sure many of you can think of others, but these are my "Big 4. " The 4th is one you will certainly not see at the AFT, or NEA Conventions!