Sunday, March 8, 2015

If You Think Opposition to Charter Schools is "Racist" .....

Why did Bill DeBlasio win election as Mayor of NYC with 90% of the Black vote on a platform that rejected the Charter School Favoritism of
his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, and gave a ringing endorsement to neighborhood public schools?

Why did Ras Baraka win election as Mayor of Newark over a candidate that got huge funding from pro-charter Wall Street contributors, running on a very similar pro public school platform as Bill De Blasio?

Why is Jesus "Chuy" Garcia running dead even with pro-Charter Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, even though Emmanuel is outspending him 12-1?

Why is pro Charter Buffalo School Board Chair Carl Palladino mocking the four African American women on the Buffalo School Board as "The Sisterhood" because they oppose closing neighborhood public schools over the opposition of students, teachers and parents, and replacing them with charters?

And, with a big thanks to Jeff Canady

Why were Charter Loving Mayor Adrian Fenty and his School Chancellor Michelle Rhee forced out of office amidst scandals whose full extent has never been publicly investigated?

Here's my position

Whenever someone accuses people opposing charter schools of being "racist," I hold on tight to my wallet because that person is about to rob me blind!