Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Few Modest Proposals For New York City Public Schools.

1 Consolidate small schools to reduce administrative overhead and assure that all students have access to a full array of athletic teams, arts programs and counseling services.
2. Expand community schools initiatives and keep schools in high needs communities open into the evening hours for students, parents and community residents
.3. Expand the number of consortium or portfolio schools exempt from state tests and have them expand into middle schools as well as high schools
.4. Expand school based agriculture programs which use food growing and food preparation to help teach science as well as promote healthy eating among students, staff and community residents.
5. Revive and expand the great vocational and technical programs which were once the pride of New York City public schools
With a big shout outs to Aixa Rodriguez, David Garcia-Rosen, David and Lisette Ritz and Francesco Portelos for inspiring me and/or encouraging me to do this.