Saturday, June 20, 2015

Press Release for "Sports and Play Are Civil Rights" Event in Crotona Park, June 23, 2015

For Immediate Release:  June 20,  2015
"Sport and Play Are Civil Rights"

The "Sports and Play Are Civil Rights" event in Crotona Park on Tuesday June 23 will officially begin at 11:15 AM, by the tennis courts and last till 12:30 PM. Those who wish to join Jesse Turner, who is on a one month walk from Connecticut to DC to support public education,  on his walk into the park should meet me at 10 AM sharp in the park by the tennis courts. We will meet Jesse at 10:15 AM on the corner of Tremont and Crotona Avenues and then walk to the site of the rally. Students from CASA middle school will be having a field day in the park and will join us for the rally and symbolic walk, where speakers from NYCLetEmPlay will be featured. Jesse will also address the crowd and I will explain the importance of the location in Bronx and US music history just before we start walking.

The purpose of the event is to dramatize the demand that all Bronx high school students, including those attending small theme schools, should have the right to participate in interscholastic athletics in the sports they are skilled in and that students at ALL Bronx schools should have ample time for recess and physical education. Right now, all too often recess at Bronx schools is being sacrificed for Test Prep. Having CASA Middle School sponsor a field day in the park is our way of reinforcing the importance of play and exercise in the lives of our students

Press Contact for the Event:; Dr Mark Naison, Fordham University, 917 836-3014


turnerj said...

Contrary to the Communist Mantra all are not equal even in China. In my two visits to schools in China, I have seen elite schools, middle class schools, and the poorest of the poor schools. Wealth, power, and connections influence where you go to school, the size of the class children sit in, and the resources your school has. Very much like in the USA, but there is one major difference regardless of where you go to school in China. Physical Education is part of every day for two hours, one hour in the morning for sequencmized athletics and one hour in the afternoon. Every Chinese principal who has visited me in Connecticut is always shocked to see how little physical education there is. They always comment along the lines, don't American principals understand the pressures of learning... Now another component, no Chinese school day would go without Art and Music. The Chinese principals have stop calling about coming to visit Connecticut schools. In the words of one Mr. Lee, school with out PE, ART, and Music are schools without smiles, schools without happy children, and they are not the schools we want in China.
I could never have dreamed of an America, where PE, Art and Music are being driven out of our schools by standardized testing. Today I find myself living in my worst nightmare. Today I proudly stand with my "Sports and Play Are Civil Rights" brothers and sisters. I hope you will join me in my press conference at City Hall on Wednesday,
Walking to DC,

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