Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Will Fordham Be Part of the Problem, or the Solution, to Income Inequality?

If Fordham wants to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem in relation rampant income inequality in the US- it needs to start changing its admissions policy to de-emphasize SAT Scores and place economic and racial diversity among its students ABOVE raising it's US News and World Report rankings.
Fordham has been spending too much of its financial aid money attracting students with high SAT scores and not enough on attracting smart children from working class and moderate income families who may not score at the Ivy League level on their SATs.
Why? Because SAT scores are strongly correlated with income and family wealth. You make high SATs your primary criteria and all things being equal you are going to attract students from high income families.
Should Fordham, with its historic mission of serving ambitious children of immigrants in the New York Metropolitan Area, be reinforcing social hierarchies in a society where the top 1 percent of the population now commands 23% of the wealth.
This is a question everyone who loves this great university should consider at this historic moment