Sunday, October 9, 2016

Gail DeBonis Richmond on Donald Trump and His Apologists

You know- I woke up upset about this again.
And the article from the Guardian I posted really summed up why I was so angry about this when I didn't even realize why myself.

It wasn't the words as much as watching what followed his remarks is what upset me. Hearing the vulgar words and the intent but then watching this woman, with no knowledge of  what Trump said, look confused when the men got off the bus. "Give Donald a hug". And you could tell she paused.  She was split second second guessing herself.  The result of  being put in a position of subjugation to male dominance. She was being judged for hugging. Or for not hugging. Being judged for laughing too much or not enough.

That's what clicked for me watching that video. All those years of anger at this kind of  male behavior sort of spilled over for me. So to read ignorant statements from women over the past 2 days has brought out this beast in me.

Hear me. I don't care what Bill Clinton did. He was disgusting, too, but there was no Facebook to vent on.
Hear me. Bill Clinton isn't running for office.

So I thank you, Mark Naison, for writing about your profound discomfort for this kind of behavior. My husband falls in the same category. My father fell in the same category. I have lots of friends who fall in this category. There are great men out there.

Not all men look at women this way (which is wholly different than thinking someone is beautiful).

I'm still very very angry ESPECIALLY at the women excusing his behavior. I deleted about 20 people last night.
Not for their political views. Because I no longer need to be a party to the reason America continues to raise these boys. Why America continues to have a rape and date rape mentality.
Mothers, as much as fathers have a lot to do with it I found out last night.

People putting partisanship over what's right makes me sick.


Unknown said...

Well Im a respectful chivalrous individual. Generally I treat those as they treat me. except with blatant stupidity and are thick headed.. People like that, much like you stand no chance of opening your mind once you have your pre-program perception in. I dont condone what Trump said.. I do support Trump though. The difference you cant seem to understand is that his words were in a private atmosphere to another man. He may very well have embellished.. But you dont think that far.. Especially as there are no victims known... But yes you will condemn a crass man for speaking crass to another man in a locker room 11 years ago.. the real truth here is YOU ARE a indoctrinated Liberal Sycophant who lost your free will to think. The left post something in front of you, telling you who to hate, and you hate.. Thats all the left does, fear and civil unrest to stranglehold power.. But since you vowed your being and eternal soul over to this corrupt group of criminals you fail to ask the important questions.. Like why all of a sudden does this video come out?? Well could it be for one that the corrupt group of criminals know as the DNC lead by HRC has NOTHING else to go after Trump for. So they will make up and embellish stories which they know damn well their fan base are little more than sheep with a herd mentality. Hillary has committed crimes, lied under oath, got Americans killed, sold weapons to Isis, defended a rapist while smearing the young girl saying "she wanted it" and then laughing... What do you do.. You use a story from 11 years ago to base your un-researched hate upon. See I try to be respectful.. I really do, but theres a huge percentage of sheep just like you wandering all over our country. You are dangerous people, because you ignore facts and will put one of the most corrupt women and easily the most corrupt party as of late back into power. Our country suffers in many areas now, all by design.. Civil unrest and fear are the major tools in the democratic attack plan.. So please if you want some compassion and empathy for your feelings earn it by struggling to have an open mind, researching facts and using LOGIC. Otherwise im sorry I cant muster up respect for you because you are dangerous to our election process and our country.. Also it only took me a few seconds in reading your blog that the real issue here is you are a man hater, maybe in the closet but yes you are a man hater a true feminist... I used to support the feminist movement.. But not anymore, they dont want equality now they want total domination and are lead by radicals. Now I bid thee farewell and hope I may have dislodged the wool from your ears and eyes... Join the rest of the world. Majority of the world despises Hillary because they have suffered one way or another under her policies while Sec of State.. Good Night

Clemsy said...

Paging Doctor Jung, we have a serious case of projection here. ^^^

Unknown said...

Clown. Like anyone with a brain gives a shit if you respect them or not. Go play with your wool jackass.