Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why Young Voters Should Mobilize To Keep Donald Trump from the Presidency

Donald Trump represents a grave threat to the multiracial society that so many young people embody in their daily lives and which so many of their parents and grandparents worked hard to create
He launched his drive for the Presidency in 2011 with racist attacks on President Obama by associating himself with the birther movement and employing rhetoric calling him an "Affirmative Action President" and has used his current campaign to target vulnerable groups by race, religion and nationality.
His speeches are filled with rage. They incite people to view one another with suspicion. They promote violence
We cannot afford to have a President whose language is so inflammatory and who makes so many people fearful of their fellow citizens as well as government.
I have no illusions about his opponent. But Donald Trump represents a threat to our democracy and civic order we have not seen nearly half a century.
There is no "do over" if he is elected.
We will enter uncharted territory as a nation if he is in the White House, Is that a chance you are prepared to take?.
If not. head to the polls on November 8 and make sure that Donald Trump remains in private life where his damage to our social fabric can be more easily contained.

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