Thursday, March 15, 2018

Restore Child Centered Pedagogy

The movement from child centered pedagogy to data centered pedagogy was forced down the throats of educators and parents with a Civil Rights rationale- it was needed, advocates claimed, to reduce educational disparities based on race and class. The logic was simple; you have to collect data on all children to assure that vulnerable children don't fall behind.
Never has a more destructive policy been promoted with more egalitarian rhetoric. A policy promoted in the name of Civil Rights as been the perpetrator of Civil Wrongs The regime of universal testing and data collection has CRUSHED our most vulnerable children while resulting in the ethnic cleansing of teaching staffs within high needs schools.
It is time to say STOP, NO MORE. Return to child centered teaching which highlights the individual talents of each child and promotes face to face interaction between students and teachers and creates communities of learning within our classrooms
And build on the cultural traditions students bring to the classroom to help restore excitement to school communities.

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Andrew Steves said...

Child centered teaching can be performed in different ways, but mostly teachers do not care about cultivating talents. More they care about the time spent in the classroom. Using various methods to stir the kids' imagination, teachers fail to find the talent strings which should be carefully cared for. One of the teachers who supported the talent pool method was Bredley Stenn from PaperWritings - there he published his first methodology of talent pools.