Monday, June 10, 2019


Would you want your child to be taught by someone with 6 weeks of training and no classroom experience?
That is what Teach for America inflicts upon the nation's low income students and families!
No middle income or upper income school district EVER asks for TFA teachers. They are exclusively sent to high poverty districts, where they burn out or leave after two years, in most cases never returning to the classroom
That this organization has been praised by politicians of both parties, and its corps members hired by hundreds of elected officials as staff members is a national scandal.
No Presidential candidate should have as an education adviser, someone who is a proud product of an organization which has that approach to teaching and learning.
Teach for America is an insult to everyone who respects the teaching profession and believes all students should have well trained teachers with classroom experience
Hence my new hashtag #DissolveTeachforAmerica