Saturday, June 29, 2019

How We Ended Up With a "Ruthless Thug" as President

Every morning, I wake up thinking "How did we end up with a racist, a rapist and a crook as President?" And as I drink my coffee, and go through my morning rituals, I realize that this was not a bad dream and not an accident. The people who voted Donald Trump into office-- and I mean people in the US, not in Russia- knew EXACTLY who he was. They wanted someone ruthless and immoral- someone they would never want as their child's teacher, or as their boss- as President!
The question is why.
And here is my answer. The people who voted for Trump wanted, and still want, a ruthless thug representing them because they were convinced liberals were going to give away what they have- to immigrants, to minorities; take away their guns; pass laws which disrespect their religion; and make them feel like strangers and outsiders in the land they always thought was "theirs." Facing a world that they saw as turning against them, watching the ticking of a demographic clock that would eventually make them minorities in the US, they were willing to sacrifice civility and even liberty for "protection," and willing to use racism as a weapon in their defense.
Facing this ugly reality about people who are your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members is difficult. But it is inescapable. Nothing that Trump did or does that violates their ethics or morals will shake their support of him because they are convinced that everything they believe in is under attack.
Rather than have a country ruled by liberals and minorities, they would accept a Racist Dictator who would throw away the Constitution.
Once you accept this painful state of affairs, you will do what is necessary to prevent the worst from happening.
This country is not Nazi Germany... yet. Let's make sure it doesn't get th

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