Tuesday, May 3, 2022

My Response to the Complaint that CRT is Invading Our Schools

"You describe a state of affairs that no one advocates and making it seem like a national crisis . The CRT educators practice is "culturally responsive teaching," efforts to include material in the curricula which makes children from marginalized groups feel as if they are being treated with respect. I defy you to find teachers who divide children into categories of "oppressors and oppressed!" What teachers do is present images and stories of Black people, LatinX people, Asian People and LGBQT people which were once completely absent from school curricula. This effort has been going on for more than 30 years and all of a sudden people on the Right are calling it Critical Race Theory. It is stretching language beyond recognition in the interest of intimidating teachers and school administrators. The goal of this manufactured crisis not to protect white children from attack- it is to paralyze the education system in order to slow down the transformation of the nation into a place where those who were seen as outsiders take center stage. These efforts will fail. And all children, including white children, will be better off because of this failure"

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